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Aygaz Natural Gas coordinates all operation processes systematically for transporting LNG to all the shipment addresses. It provides a safe and qualified service by means of CE certified transportation vehicles that are produced in compliance with international standards. With the vehicle monitoring system, current location information and the speed of transportation vehicles can be controlled 24/7.

In addition to this, trainings are given to the operators who take a part in LNG shipment in order to perform LNG operations safely without harming the human health and the environment.


All kinds of information and technical support are provided both via telephone and with on-site intervention for 24 hours for the problems and the needs that the customers may have after the system is put into use.

In order to minimize unexpected malfunctions, annual maintenance of the equipment is made by Aygaz Natural Gas authorized technical services.



LNG level in the stock tank is measured continuously, regularly and sensitively. You can display LNG amount in the tank and the pressure information whenever and wherever you want by using your mobile phone thanks to STATUS.

It makes many unwanted cases like a malfunction that may occur in your LNG system noticed by Aygaz Natural Gas authorized officer and ensures that necessary safety precautions and operational measures are taken. In order to maximize your safety, all the equipment that are used on STATUS are certified and conform to the international exproof standards.

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With Aygaz Natural Gas Mobile Application,

You can display your LNG tank levels whenever you want.

You can be informed when your level reaches to a critical point.

You can easily access to useful videos and information related to the technical and financial matters.

You can obtain information about our company.


LNG Price List

LNG sale price is determined according to the consumption amount and the distance between the facility in need of natural gas and LNG terminals.

LNG Wholesale Price List = Terminal LNG Sale Price + Margin

The margin differs according to transportation, investment and service costs.
1 m3 natural gas is equal to 1 m3 natural gas volume with 15oC and 1.01325 bar absolute pressure.
9.155 kcal/Sm3 upper heating value of the natural gas is taken as a basis for sale prices.
SCT and VAT shall be included in the prices.

PNG Price List

A wholesale price is determined for independent consumers depending on the agreement amount and consumption profile. Transportation cost, which will be paid to the natural gas distribution company for the relevant city, shall be added to the prices which will be charged to the independent consumers in the distribution region.

1 sm3 natural gas is equal to 1 m3 natural gas volume with 15oC and 1.01325 bar absolute pressure.
9.155 kcal/Sm3 upper heating value of the natural gas is taken as a basis for sale prices.
SCT and VAT shall be included in the prices.


With the consumption amount calculation table, our customers can make an amount comparison with LNG by entering current fuel type and consumption amount to the related fields.

Calculate Amount of Consumption


Ahmet Emre Çimen +90 549 562 11 12 emre.cimen
Ali İhsan Özbük +90 533 286 33 20 ali.ozbuk
Arcan Okkalı +90 533 598 38 64 arcan.okkali
Hasan Demirci +90 533 290 71 70 hasan.demirci
Çağatay Akın +90 549 562 11 16 cagatay.akin


01Is LNG dangerous?

LNG is dangerous because it is an explosive gas which is stored at very low temperatures, but the possibility of a dangerous condition is eliminated provided that LNG is used in accordance with the standards and necessary safety precautions are taken.

02Where can LNG be used?

LNG can be used in every field where natural gas can be used and in all the processes as an alternative to other energy sources.

03Can current LPG tank and piping be used for LNG?

It is not possible to use a fuel system consisting of current LPG tank and piping for LNG but the piping installed for LNG can be used for LPG.

04Is the piping installed for LNG compatible with natural gas?

The current interior piping can be continued to be used without requiring any change when the pipeline is reached to the facility in case that it is installed pursuant to the specification of local natural gas distribution company in the region where the interior piping is located.

05Can LNG be used as a reserve fuel?

A minimum of 0.5% of LNG should be consumed in the LNG tank every day. It is not appropriate to use LNG as a reserve fuel because it is consumed continuously.

06Can LNG system be built everywhere?

LNG system can be built on the fields which are suitable for TS EN 21009 safety distances.